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DIY Iphone Case with Lettering


Happy New Year!

So,who want iphone case with unlimited lettering design but no need to spend much money? The answer is make your own case!

Last year i did some lettering projects for my clients and it got more interesting. And why don’t i make one for myself? So i thought to make iphone case with my lettering artwork. I bought a transparent case and i did this little project..



All you need is transparent case, plain paper ( you can choose 80gr or 120gr, anything ), scissor, pen, cutter and some brush pen or you can use brush and watercolour.



First, trace your iphone case using pen to your paper and cut it with scissor. You can use cutter to make the hole for the camera. I use unused paper to make the main pattern.




Trace another pattern from the previous one to your plain paper ( i prefer 120gr paper. or you can use watercolour paper ). Cut it with scissor and fit it to your case. If it fit enough, you can start to make the design..



I use Copic sketch marker to write my name on it. You can use any brushpen or pen or brush or anything you like to make your lettering design.



And this is it! My DIY iphone case with lettering. You can write or draw anything. Unlimited design with minimum cost!










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