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I still remember when i’m on elementary school, i played barbie but i had no clothes for her. And i thought how about make her clothes by myself? So i went to my neighbour and asked for her fabrics. I went home with some cute fabrics, and i started to made pattern for little dress. I cut it and i sew it manualy, because i can’t used my mom’s sewing machine. I learned to stitch and sew with my mom. And that’s my first fabrics artwork, little green dress for my barbie..

And when i went to junior high school, i got tutorial how to make various stitches in 2nd grade. I liked it so much. I used blue square fabric and colorfull threads. I made pattern and wrote my name on it. Unfortunatelly i lost it, i forget where i put it.

Last year, i met my friend Stephanie who made me sew again. We learned to made DIY broch from ribbon and tried to made little fabric clutch. We got the tutorial from Pinterest ( i love that site, especially DIY & fabrics board! ). We went to fabrics shop and bought some cute fabrics. She made her clutch with her sewing machine. And when she brought it to me, it’s so cute! And i thought why i don’t made one? I don’t have sewing machine, but it can’t make me stop learn to sew.


So i started to cut the fabrics, made a patterns, and sew it one by one. And finally i made it! Little fabrics clutch, even it not really neat. But i can learn how to made a pattern for clutch.



This year, my friend bought a new sewing machine and he teached me how to sew with sewing machine. I really enjoy it. I tried to made another clutch ( i got the tutorial from Pinterest again ) and learned how to make a simple totebag.



Few week ago, i went to Bandung with my friend for Crafty Day. There’s so much ideas i got from there. I also joined a little workshop about how to make a fabrics accecories. They teached me how to make this simple necklace from fabrics.


Now i love to sew more. And i plan to make more fabrics things for next month. We gonna have a bazaar and i want to sell it! I got my new hobby and why dont i make it profitable, right? 🙂




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