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My First 120mm Camera After Marriage

The last month of 2012 is my special month. Yeah, i got married! And as the thing he must to do, he must gave me a mahar, and it was Diana F+ Deluxe Kit.

Actually i’ve said to him that i want an analogue plastic camera for the mahar, but i want him to don’t tell me what camera he want to give until the day that we will be marred. A week before the day, he told me that he wanna gave me playmodel camera. Just another cheap and super simple plastic camera. I said it doesnt matter, i never said what type of camera that i want to have. And why i want camera? Because we love photography so much, we love analogue camera, and that is how we met and fall in love πŸ™‚

And the day is come. But suddenly in the afternoon, someone mentioned me at the twitter and said “Omg i see Diana camera for the mahar!”. I was surprised because he said playmodel camera, not Diana F+. I can’t prove it because i will meet him at night, so i stayed to wait him with all my currious.

The night come and finally bring the groom for me. We met at the mosque where the marriage will be happened. And i saw him, with the white coat, bring the happiness to me. Behind of him, there was my sister and my best friend who brought a big box. I thought it was Diana F+ camera, but why it has a big box? And i read it, Diana F+ Deluxe Kit at the side of the box. And yeah… finally i knew what he talking about his playmodel camera. Ahhaha

Diana F+ Deluxe Kit

Now i learn to take a picture better in 120mm format. He teach me so much about photography. We have a dream that someday we will have an exihibition, with our artworks there, taken with analogue camera. And we will take a thousand another photos together, live with photography like the first time we met because photography…


dreamer. strange. different.

4 thoughts on “My First 120mm Camera After Marriage

  1. what a mahar! :))))
    Never tought if Mahar can be a Plastic Camera πŸ˜‰

    Congratz ya Mbak Fin XD
    can’t wait for your first photo of your first 120 camera πŸ˜€

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