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Recesky vs Gakkenflex vs Blackbird Fly

Everytime i see my stats at my blog here, mostly i found that people looking for about recesky DIY TLR. They used keyword ‘receksy diy tlr, what is recesky diy tlr, how recesky diy tlr work’, even ‘the different between recesky diy tlr, gakkenflex and blackbirdfly’.

So far, i use recesky mostly to do some photo walks or do some small photography project. So this time, i’ll explain, lil’ bit about recesky. I try to write in English, so i hope everyone can understand my post, not only reader who use my native language ( i use Bahasa Indonesia ).

Recesky DIY TLR is somekind a toy camera. It’s TLR camera, analogue, still used a film and made from plastic. Before recesky, there was Japanese magazine ( Otana no Kagaku, means Science for Adult ) that gave a plastic TLR camera named Gakkenflex, for free. The unique one is you have to built it before you can use it.

Gakkenflex camera

Later, a Chinese factory made the clone for Gakkenflex. They named it Recesky. And just like Gakkenflex, people who buy this camera must built their own camera before they can use it, thats why they named it as DIY ( do it yourself ) TLR camera. This camera made from plastic, i mean all part, except the bolts. Technically, it has 2 diafragma appertures setting. F11 when you use the twist plate, and F6 when you take off the twist plate. 1 shutter speed ( 1/125 ), tripod mount and use 35mm film. It works so simply with no much apperture settings. The great one from this camera is you can see the depth through the view finder. You can set the focus easily ( from 40cm to infinity ) and you can see the effect from the view finder, just like when you use fix lens with analogue camera. You can set the focus just by see the view finder, and what you see is what you get ( this is great ! ). And with this camera, you can make multiple exposure too.

The weakness, there’s no film counter. So we can’t notice how many frame we have used. And also there’s no hotshoe for flash. So, it will be tricky if you wanna shoot with less light or in indoor place. You can do bulb mode with this camera, but you have to hack it. I mean not to hack the camera, but how to press the shutter ( i have wrote about this trick at my previous post. But unfortunattely, i wrote in Bahasa Indonesia ). I also has no masking if  you wanna make square format ( maybe you can try to hack it, i never try it. and maybe i’ll try 🙂 )

 If you ask the different between Gakkenflex and Recesky, i think there’s no different. It’s all same, except one part that we use to roll the film. It put in different side. But technically and the result,there’s no different.  Both of it has unique result when you use infinity focus. It will made somekind like tilt-shift photography. And also it has very close focusing. If other toy camera has 80cm for its closest focusing, recesky and gakkenflex has 40cm for its closest focusing ( its very close for toy camera ! ).

 tilt-shift effect

40cm focusing

Then if you ask what the different between recesky and blackbird fly, i’ll say that they are different. I mean the ability. Both are TLR camera, use 35mm film and made from plastic. But Blackbird Fly ( BBF ) has more apperture settings than Recesky. It has 2 diafragma appertures, F11 ( sunny ), F7 ( cloudy ) and it has 2 shutter speed, 1/125 and bulb mode. It also has 3 masking, normal ( 24x36mm ), square ( 24×24 mm ), and large square format ( 36×36 mm ) and tripod mount. Not like Recesky, BBF has hotshoe for flash. It really help you if you wanna shoot in indoor place or when you have less light.

The weakness, you just get 80cm for closest focusing. And you can’t set the focusing by see the view finder, you just can  guess by the distance between your camera and the object. But you can still do framing through its view finder. Also you can’t get tilt-shift effect like Recesky and Gakkenflex do. And the price, off course. The price for 1 BBF is equal with 10 Recesky !

I have tried this camera ( but i’m sorry that i can’t show you the result, because i dont have the file. i used my friend’s BBF ). And i think i prefer recesky to get easier focusing and closer focusing distance. Even i have to hack my recesky if i wanna shoot in bulb mode and i can’t get flash if i use recesky.

But its up to you. Recesky, Gakkenflex or Blackbird Fly, its all just the media. Photography is not just about the camera. More than it, its about technic, composition, exposure, content, moment and timing. Just understand how your camera work and keep practice.

You can see my artwork with recesky on my Flickr here 


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