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A Girl With A Fake Smile


Just like this girl, sometimes we need a fake smile..

maybe for some people, showing their emotion is something that really important, whatever they feel and wherever the place. Maybe it’s because they are too sensitive so they cannot hide what they feel or yeah. . they have to show it. If they don’t, they will feel more and more depression.
But for some people, showing what they feel is not as easy as saying something.
I’m not the one who will cry everywhere when i feel so sad after i saw a film or when i got a big problem with my friend or my boyfriend. Yeah, it’s gonna hurt me. But i dont wanna other people around me feel sad too. I dont wanna share my sadness.
So, sometimes. . i’ll be a girl just like this girl. A fake smile that make people think that i’m okay, although i really wanna cry or runaway.
I will try to control my emotion, as best as i can, till i have a time to be alone. Just me, and my time.

It’s not a mistake if someone will show what they feel everwhere, everytime or just want to keep it all for a while. It depend on the people.The extrovert one, maybe they will show it. But the introvert one, maybe thay wanna enjoy their sadness without share to other people.

but for me, share my happines is better than share my sadness, isn’t it ?


dreamer. strange. different.

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