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Test Roll from My Holga

I really interested with toycam after my best friend gave an aquapix camera for me last year. Since i got the result from my aquapix, i thought to try another toycam.  I bought a lomo holga 135bc from online store this month. And i bought a roll film too. Last weekdend i went around my city with my holga. I spent my 36exp roll film, and yesterday i went to photo studio to scan my roll.

I really surprised with the result ! I look my camera and i realized that i forgot to set the shutter speed button to the right place. Actually, i have to set the shutter to ‘N’ when i wanna take a picture in day. But i forgot, and i set in ‘B’ position. Haha. I thought that N is refer to night, so i set the shutter button to B. But i was wrong. After i read again the manual book, N is refer to Normal. Haha

And from 36exp film, i just got 2 clear photo. Another 34exp film is failed. The picture was jerk and not clear. Haha. But now i really understand how to set my shutter button. N is for normal, and B is for bulb. I’ve load my holga again and i’m ready to take another picture with the right shutter speed !

And this is my only 2 picture from my holga’s first roll. Even it’s not really has a good focus, but i like the tone.

I tell you, read the manual book closely and don’t forget to set your shutter speed button to the right place guys ! Hehe


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